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Christmas Cream Cheese Mints


  Christmas Cream Cheese Mints Traditionally served at weddings, cream cheese mints also look great on an extended get-away platter. You will discover a huge amount of recipes for these little bites of buttery and creamy goodness and I have sufficiently endeavored to realize that they all for all intents […]


Chicken Lo Mein Recipe


  Chicken Lo Mein Recipe Chicken Lo Mein is a take out classic! My recipe is snappy, easy, and quite delicious. Disregard requesting in, prepare this at home instead! Chicken Lo Mein It’s always such a treat whenever I find the opportunity to go to an Asian market in my […]

Appetizers Side Dish



  CHEESY GARLIC BREADSTICKS RECIPE Guys, I am literally moments away from setting off to the hospital to invite a child I am SO excited. Furthermore, anxious. Furthermore, absolutely nervous. The hubs and I will be completely predominated. But more than anything I can barely wait to meet the sweet […]




  CROCKPOT PEPPER STEAK If you don’t have a slow cooker yet, there are some better than average ones on sale. I love the programmable stewing pot for when I am not at home. You can set it for the sum you require and go out for the day. It […]


Christmas Pinwheel Sugar Cookies


  Christmas Pinwheel Sugar Cookies Christmas Pinwheel Sugar Cookies are fun festive and amazingly easy to make. This simple recipe will make them appreciate these tasty treats in a matter of moments. It is so easy you can use your favorite recipe or mine. Even store-purchased mixture will work after […]